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With us

In the valley of Paùl on the island Santo Antão of Cape Verde is our home. We live in the village "Chã de João Vaz" at the end of the valley. After a hike down the Cova Crater you can come and visit our bar "O Curral" and try all of our sugar cane brandies. We also sell them, so you can enjoy them, either still being on the island or at home to have a souvenir of Cape Verde.

Cova Krater Christine and Alfred

For the ones of you, who will not pass by Chã de João Vaz in the near future, we are sending our grogue also all over the world. The transportation is not very cheap, but worth a good glass of our grogue. You will get all the informations directly with us.

Family Mandl * CP.33 * Paùl, Santo Antao * Cabo Verde