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Our products

*Grogue S.M.

Grogue sem metanol

The name means "Grogue sem methanol" - which can be translated as "Grogue without methanol".
In the production of this grogue, the sugar cane juice is fermented until all the sugar has transformed into alcohol. The sugar cane breed used here, is relatively neutral in taste. By producing in that way, the grogue becomes relatively "dry" - and can be compared with a german "Korn".

* Grogue Rustico

Grogue Rustico

Different from the Grogue S.M., the sugar cane juice is not fermented until the very end, so that there is a content of sugar of approximately 6%.
Also the sugar cane breed used here, has more aroma which can still be found in the grogue.



Talking about the "Barril", we are talking about a grogue that has been kept in an oak barril. Through this method of storage the ageing is faster and the oxidation of the grogue is higher than it is with the usual storage in glas bottles.
The grogue adopts a brownish color and also the taste of the oak barril. The taste is very soft and goes in direction of a whisky.

*Barril Delicioso

Barril Delicioso

The Barril Delicioso is a grogue that is destillated twice, and is filled into an oak barril with a volume of about 80%. Because of the high volume of alcohol the ageing is faster and the oxidation higher.
Destillated water is added drop by drop (to dilate 200 liters of undilated Barril Delicioso takes about 3 months!!) to achieve a drinkable volume of about 45%.
In that way we achieve a taste which can be compared with the taste of a carribean rhum, like for example Havanna Club.

*Barril Fortão

Barril Fortão

The production of the Barril Fortão (forte = portuguese for strong) is exactely the same as the production of the Barril Delicioso.
Only the Fortão is kept in the oak barril until the volume achieves under 70 vol.%. The aroma gets stronger and in comparison to the Delicioso, the Fortão stays undilated.

*Likor de Laranja

Likor de Laranja

This is strong Grogue to which we add fresh oranges out of our garden and leave it for a while. Later we boil some sugar water and diluate the "Orangegrogue" so it becomes drinkable.
A very nice and sweet drink for hot summer days, as well as for cold winter days.

*Mel de Cana de Açucar

Mel de Cana Açucar

Here the sweet, unfermented sugar cane juice coming directly from the press is heated and thickens in that way. You can either call it molasse or syrup.


Ponche a mixture of the sugar cane brandy and the molasse. The measurements of the mixture can be done according to your preferences.

*Vinagre de Cana de Açucar

Vinagre de Cana Açucar

After the fermentation we add Vinegar bacterias to the must. These bacterias transform the alcohol into vinegar and in the end you have a very aromatic sugar cane vinegar.


Our brand new product is fresh sugar cane juice, which we pasteurized to make it maintainable.
Also we will have a "Federweissen", a very young wine out of sugar cane juice in the near future.


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