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Our philosophy is, if sugar cane brandy production, then to produce it in a quality that is positive for the health.
Also our way of working is concipated so that people would find humane working conditions. The whole production then works in a way so that the environment would be as little as possible polluted and possible renewable energy is used.

Our most important rule is the closing of natural cycles. In our production it starts with the growing of the sugar cane, then it is harvested and everything is deploid.
Remainders from the Grogueproduction are wholly used and then brought back to where they came from - the soil.

For example is the sugar cane straw (Palha) from the harvest converted into compost and serves the soil as a fertilizer.
The pressed sugar cane (Bagaço) is converted into forage and so the rests of the sugar are used to produce milk, cheese and meat, the animal's excrements deliver biogas to light the distille and the remainders of the biogas production are valuable fertilizers again.
Also the fermented sugar cane juice, that remains after the distillation process because of its low alcohol content, serves the soil as a fertilizer. - So nothing is thrown out!