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Grogue Distillery * Good Brandy of Cape Verde

On this site we would like to introduce you to the world of brandy production. Of course we do not want to make you to alcoholics and we are aware of the fact that the excess of alcohol causes damage to your health - but can be, in a reasonable quantity, medicine and elixir.
For us the most important reason is one of the possibilities of use of the existing ressource here on Santo Antão - the sugar cane. The brandy production exists for a long time already but in many cases theoretical knowledge is missing and that is the reason why bad substances like methanol and acetates get into the Grogue.
With our project we would like to be an example to encourage the people to imitate our way of production.

You can find more about the background of our project in the categories "Philosophy" and "Side Effects".

Have fun looking through our site and maybe we will see you soon for a glass of Grogue in our Bar "O Curral" in Chã de João Vaz - Pául on the island Sto. Antão, Cabo Verde.